AllinFun is not an app in which you can watch movies and tv series.

Do you often think about what to watch? If yes, then AllinFun is just for you. You can create your own movie, tv series, actor/actress, director and writer lists, see the upcoming movies and tv series episodes in your calendar, take notification when a movie or tv series episode is close to be released; when one of your favourite people has a new movie or a tv series. AllinFun is also a personal library where you can see your watching habits.


  •     You can add movies and tv series that you watched or will watch to your lists
  •     You can discover new movies and tv series from the lists on the search screen like popular movies/tv series, top rated movies/tv series, upcoming ones, ones in cinema/tv.
  •     You can see the recommendations for your movies and tv series in the detail pages of them and discover new ones.
  •     You can see the information of a movie or tv series in the related details page like ratings, top-rated user comments, cast and crew, soundtracks, trailer, streaming platforms, social media pages, IMDb page, etc.
  •     You can see the upcoming movies and tv series episodes in your calendar and get notification. You can also enable/disable calendar and notification features for every single movie and tv series.
  •     You can mark the seasons and episodes of a tv series so that you will know where you left. Also, you can see some information about an episode in the related episode page.
  •     You can order and filter the items in your list like ordering by rating, date or filtering by being watched, some genres, etc.  
  •     You can add the actors/actresses, directors and writers who you like and see the information about them in the related detail page like biography, social media pages, his/her all movies and tv series, etc.
  •     You can see the upcoming movies and tv series of a person who is in your list in the calendar and get notification when a person in your list has a new movie or a tv series. You can enable/disable calendar and notifications features for every single person.
  •    You can back up your data manually. This process will create a file, AllinFun.json, under internal storage/Download. You should copy this file and paste to the same place in your new device. Then, you should go to the settings in AllinFun and click on restore option.
  •     Your data will be backed up in your Google account automatically(This is only valid for Android 6.0 and higher). There is a limit for this auto-backup in terms of size of your data. Thus, if the size of your AllinFun data exceeds this limit, some of your data will not be backed up. Even though it is low possibility to exceed this limit, you can make sure that any of your data will not be lost by using manual backup. (Premium)
  •     You can synchronize your AllinFun and TRAKT data. This process will not affect your lists in TRAKT, it will create three custom lists, AllinFun-Movies, AllinFun-TVSeries, AllinFun-People, and keep these lists synchronized with the AllinFun lists. The changes you make in AllinFun appear in your TRAKT account instantly if your TRAKT account is connected whereas the changes you make in TRAKT appear in AllinFun in at most 24 hours (daily). You can also use TRAKT manual synchronization to get the changes from TRAKT immediately. (Premium)
  •     You can rate the movies and TV series and use these ratings to order your favourite lists. You may want to use these ratings, for example, to remember the best movies/tv series you have watched or recommend a movie/tv series to your friend later. Also, you can see the statistics according to these ratings on the statistics screen. (Premium)
  •     You can check the movies and tv series episodes that were released and you have missed on the "Ones I've Missed" screen. You may want to use this screen when you are not sure what to watch next.
  •     You can use dark theme mode if you like dark colors. (Premium)
  •     You can customize the settings like turning on/off calendar and notification features for an item and adjusting the time for movie and tv series notifications.
  •     You can see your watching habits in the statistics page if you use the paid version like how many movies, tv series episodes you have watched, how much time you have spent, the person you have watched his/her movies/tv series most, percentages according to the genres, etc.
  •     You can share a movie, tv series, or a person you like with your friends via social media platforms or you can share your statistics in the same way.

AllinFun supports languages used mostly over the world.

AllinFun Premium
As a Premium user, you will be able to use all features of AllinFun in your devices without any ad.
If you face a problem related to taking notifications:

1-) It is recommended to disable battery optimization for AllinFun. You can go to the related page via Allinfun settings menu.

2-) Some phone manufacturers may prefer to not inform applications when a device restart/reboot occurs by default. If this is the case for your phone, you can go to the battery settings and allow auto-start for AllinFun or you can run AllinFun once after each restart/reboot.

You may have seen some blurry posters in the ad videos of AllinFun. Do not worry, those posters are not blurry in the app. Using them in ad videos is problematic due to copyright.

This product uses the TMDb, TRAKT API but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb, TRAKT.


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AllinFun gets information that it provides you from TMDB and TRAKT. This product uses the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb. Enoy your AllinFun.
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