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EkenApp develops innovative, modern, creative, easy-to-use apps for you.

Understandable applications with minimalist designs. Customizability that gives flexibility to the user. Clear interface by following Google material design guide. In addition to all of these, functionality that provides all the desired features. EkenApp opens new doors in the mobile world.


You can search your movies or take a look at the movies ordered on your search screen like popular movies, movies in cinema, upcoming movies, top-rated movies. You can easily filter and order your movies in your list like ordering by rating, filtering by genres or filtering by being watched etc. In the detail page of a movie, you can see the information of the movie like overview, IMDb link, streaming platforms, ratings, cast and crew information, soundtracks, user comments. You can also see the similar movies to discover new movies. You can add movies which are not released yet and can take notification when they get close to be released.

TV Series

You can search and add your tv series, take a look at the tv series ordered on your search screen like popular ones, ones on tv, ones airing today and top-rated ones. You can mark the episodes of a tv series when you watch it and see where you left later. You can order your tv series by rating or filter them by, for example, genres, being watched, being completed, etc. In the detail page of a tv series, you can find the information of the tv series like cast and crew information of each episode, soundtracks, trailer link, IMDb link, ratings, user comments, streaming platforms, overview, etc. You can also see the similar tv series to discover new tv series.


You can see your statistics like how many movies you have watched, how much time you have spent, people whose movies and tv series have been watched most, your popular genres, etc. You can check which actors/actresses you have followed most, which directors and writers you have interested in most. Also, you can find how many movies or tv series you have watched for each genre. You can see how many episodes you have watched for a tv series too. In short, you can find your watching habits in every aspect on this screen and share this information with your friends or family via social media platforms. Enjoy your Allinfun.


You can take notifications of the movies in your list which are not released yet, of the upcoming tv series episodes, a new tv series in your list which is not released yet. Also you will be notified when a person (actor, actress, director, writer) has a new movie or a tv series. You can customize the time you will take all of these notifications or you can turn off notifications completely. For example, you can set the time to 7 days for movies so that you will be informed 7 days before a movie in your list is released. Also, you can disable/enable notification for every single movie, person, tv series.


You can see the upcoming movies, tv series, episodes ordered by date on this screen. Thus, you will not miss any movie or tv series episode. In addition, you can see the movies and tv series of a person in your list separately on this screen even though the movie or tv series is not in your list. In this way, you will not miss any project of your favourite people. Like in the notification, you can enable/disable calendar feature for every single movie, tv series and person. Additionally, you can customize the time interval on this screen to see, for example, upcoming movies in the next 1 week or month.


You can use manual backup/restore feature. When you backup your data, a file named as AllinFun.json will be created under your internalStorage/Download folder.Copy this file and paste it to the same place in your new device. Then you can restore your data from the app. In the premium version your data will be automatically backed up to your Google account. Also, you can be syncronized with your TRAKT account. This process does not affect any of your TRAKT lists. It will create 3 custom lists for your AllinFun movies, people and tv series and keep these lists syncronized with your AllinFun data all the time.


We believes in the power of creative ideas and great design.

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AllinFun gets information that it provides you from TMDB and TRAKT. This product uses the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb. Enoy your AllinFun.
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